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Air Fryer Things to Avoid: Advice from the Experts

7 tips for fantastic fried food, every time!

Air fryers are among the most popular type new kitchen gadgets, however, there are a couple of things you want to check out before you begin using your system Although air fryers are simple to use, our tips will help you get the best out of your new gadget, and create delicious recipes.



1. Don’t forget to Pre-Heat

Preheating is important to reach the high temperatures that air fryers need to create the crispy texture we love so much. If you put the food in before that point is reached, it heats up slowly and will remain soggy.

2. Don’t overcrowd the basket

The hot air needs to circulate around each piece of food, and cramming food into the basket prevents this from happening. Make sure each piece has space around it.

Your meals will be much tastier and crisper by separating it out and doing several small batches, rather than one big one where the food ends up too soggy.

3. Make sure the food is dry

Avoid sogginess by patting food, such as French fries dry before cooking them. Absorbent paper towels are ideal for this.

4. Don’t use too much oil

Resist the temptation to splash lots of oil about. Your air fryer really does make delicious fried food with only a teaspoon or so of oil.

5. Make sure you clean the fryer between uses

We know you would, but just in case you’re tempted not to, it can make the next meal cooked taste strange, and in some cases, not fry properly.

Air fryers are easy to wash, and a little dishwashing liquid and hot water can clean the basket. If food is stuck on, leaving it to soak for a while will loosen the debris enough to wipe it off.

6. Make sure you mix your seasonings with the oil

This is going to sound weird, but if seasonings are used dry, they can ‘blow off’, clogging the air filter and, in time, ruin your fryer.

By mixing any seasonings with a tiny amount of oil, they stick to the food, and when the air circulates within the fryer, they won’t blow away.

7. Remember to shake the basket

Especially if you’re cooking veggies, you need to give the basket a shake, allowing them to cook evenly.

See some more tips to help you master your air fryer in this video below:

Unsure what temperature your air fryer needs to be to cook certain foods? Take a look at this air fryer cooking chart!