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Our 5 Best Pizza Cutters – THE Kitchen Essential!

Cut Up Your Homemade Pizza Like A Pro

If you love pizza and baking, chances are you’ve made your own pizza at home. You may have bought a ready-made dough or made your own from scratch. The beauty of making pizza at home is you are in control of the sauce and the toppings. You can hand-pick the ingredients and put as many or as little as you want. You can also mix and match your cheeses and experiment on new flavors that your favorite pizza shop does not offer. After you take your bubbling and piping-hot pizza out of the oven it is now time to cut it. The problem with the usual pizza cutters is that they tend to drag the toppings off of the pizza. It is frustrating especially when you have a particular arrangement of your toppings that you want to enjoy.

Commercial pizza places do not have that problem because they use a different type of pizza cutter. The good news is, you can actually purchase one for your home! Check out these top 5 best pizza cutters in the market right now that will suit your pizza cutting needs!

1. Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Set

For Sharp Cuts and Easy Cleanup

Pizza cutters are supposedly sharp to ensure clean and beautiful slices. But most home pizza cutters drag the toppings off the crust because they are dull and hard to clean due to its rolling blade. This Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Set has everything you need for a beautiful pizza slice at home. It is a set that will ensure you always have the tastiest and most beautiful pizza slices at home. The Set includes a pizza peel, a dough mat, and the Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter. It is a rocked blade-style pizza cutter that makes pizza cutting and even clean up a breeze.

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2. Winco Pizza Cutter

Traditional Rolling Pizza Cutter

If you are not over the traditional style pizza cutter, the best thing you can do to get beautiful slices is to find the right classic pizza cutter. Compared to the rock type cutters, a rolling style pizza cutter should always be sharp to ensure that the cutter does not drag the toppings off the crust. This rolling blade from Winco Pizza Cutter is sharp enough to cut through not just pizza but also other food items like lasagna and fudge. It does not have a blade cover so you can clean it easily or pop it in the dishwasher.

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3. Epicurean Pizza Cutter

Beautiful and Sharp Pizza Cutter

If you love beautiful kitchen items that you can showcase while you serve your food, you will need this tool we found. The Epicurean Pizza Cutter is a thing of beauty. It is made of lightweight, durable material and a beveled edge for cutting that slices thick or thin-crust pizzas precisely. It is a beautiful tool that you can use at the dining table to serve your guests your homemade pizza. It has a dedicated hole for hanging and has a lovely natural color so you can display it in your kitchen. This is perfect for a rustic pizza party.

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4. Kitchenstar Pizza Cutter

Professional Quality Pizza Cutter

Regular pizza cutters are mostly dull or easily broken. This is a sad thing for home cooks who like making homemade pizza. Kitchenstar has made a professional quality Kitchen Pizza Cutter that can be enjoyed by home cooks in the comforts of their own homes. With its rocker blade design, you can cut cleanly without dragging your toppings. Just like in pizza shops, you can now make beautiful cuts just the way you want it. It is a versatile tool that you can use for cutting even deep dish pizzas, brownie bars and even chopping herbs. It is also easy to use with its ergonomic design.

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5. Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors

Scissor-type Pizza Cutter

With plenty of pizza lovers out there and home cooks who want to make the perfect pizza for their own consumption, there are plenty of innovative tools to make kitchen life better. This innovative design by DreamFarm aptly called Scizza is a gift to all pizza lovers. It is the easiest and most effective pizza cutter. It is just like using scissors, but for pizzas. It is fast, easy, simple to use and clean! It has a perfect design that can cut through even deep dish pizzas and has a nylon base that will not scratch through your pizza pans.

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