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Perfect Pizzelle Makers – Crisp, Delicious and Easy with a Pizzelle Maker

We Reveal Our Top 5 Pizzelle Makers

Pizzelle is a traditional Italian style waffle cookie. It is usually made from eggs, flour, sugar and oil or butter. It is usually crispy with a bit of chew that is perfect as a snack on its own or molded into shapes like cannoli and filled with mascarpone. Pizzelle can be hard to find in different parts of the world but you can always buy a machine online to make your own Pizzelle at home.


1. Cuisinart Pizzelle Press

Pizzelle Press Set

Making your own Pizzelle at home is a fun way to get your pizzelle craving fix. Get a pizzelle press and enjoy this traditional Italian cookie anytime you want. Cuisinart Pizzelle Press comes with a recipe book, a rolling dowel and a measuring scoop. It is the complete set that you need when you are beginning to make your own pizzelle. It is easy to use and makes 2 four-inch pizzelle per batch. You have full control of its cooking with five browning settings. It is also non-stick, so it is easy to remove the pizzella without destroying its beautiful patterns!

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2. Palmer Pizzelle Maker

For Crispy Pizzelle

If you prefer crispy pizzelle to the chewy one, the Palmer Pizzelle Maker is your best bet. Making pizzelle at home ensures that this traditional treat is cooked to your preferred texture and taste. Get this pizzelle maker to make pizzelles that suit your taste. It makes classic crispy pizzelles in no time: thanks to its iron plates! What we love about this is that it comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty. They will repair your Pizzelle maker for free when you ship it back to them. It is a good reassurance that your pizzelle maker will last you a long time.

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as of January 15, 2023 2:09 pm

3. Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Pro Express Bake Pizzelle Maker

Perfect for Cannoli

Cannoli can be hard to find in most locations and if you ever find one, it may not be suited to your tastes. If you love cannoli you can make some at home and fill it with different fillings like mascarpone and cream cheese, and dip it in different toppings like nuts, chocolate chips and sprinkles. Making cannoli has never been easier with Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Pro Express Bake Pizzelle Maker. It takes only 30 seconds to make 2 pizzelles that are perfect for making cannolis. It is non-stick and cooks quickly and evenly so you will have a perfect canvas for any cannoli filling.

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4. Cucinapro Pizzelle Maker

Perfect for Cones

Ice cream cones and waffle cones are a crunchy tasty treat. If you ever had one with artisan ice cream shops you will instantly recognize the difference from a store-bought cone. If you want to try making your own cones at home consider getting a pizzelle maker. It makes for an interesting and crunchier cone compared to waffle makers. If you are interested in making cones, Cucinapro Pizzelle Maker should be your choice. It comes in a non-stick and polished variety whichever you are comfortable to cook with. It makes 2 5 inch pizzella every batch that is perfect to be molded into cones.

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5. Nordic Ware Nowegian Krumkake Iron

Beautiful Krumkake

Krumkake is a traditional Norwegian waffle cookie that is similar to pizzelle and waffles. If you are interested in making one at home then you can buy a your own iron. The Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Iron makes traditional Scandinavian cookies that are shaped into cones. The iron press itself is beautifully made from warp-resistant aluminum. It has lovely patterns of leaves and flowers. It features a wooden handle and comes with a wooden rolling cone shaper. This iron press can be used over a gas stove or electric burner. It makes one beautiful Krumkake per batch and will yield a delicate and crispy Scandinavian version of the traditional Italian cookie.

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