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Our Favorite Panini Presses Revealed

Top 5 Best Panini Presses In 2021

Sandwiches are a convenient and tasty snack that we love ordering in restaurants and cafés. There is something about sandwiches made in those places that sets them apart from plain homemade ones. We discovered that what makes the difference are not just the ingredients but the way we prepare the sandwich itself. It all boils down to having a Panini Press.

A panini press is a sandwich grill that has ridged top and bottom plates. This ridge ensures a crispy and sealed sandwich. If you want to amp your homemade sandwich game, get one of these Panini Presses.

1. Hamilton Beach Panini Press

For the Perfect Chunky Sandwich

Not all sandwiches are made the same. Some use thick bread slices with different types of grain and texture, some have thicker and heftier fillings. If you want the versatility of making a sandwich of any height, choose the Hamilton Beach Panini Press. It has a 180-degree opening that allows for any sandwich heights to be placed on the grill. You can also cook quesadillas, personal-sized pizzas, and open-face sandwiches because of this 180-degree opening feature. It has nonstick grid plates for convenient cooking and easy cleaning. It also has a light indicator that will turn green once your sandwich is done grilling.

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2. Breville Duo Non-Stick Panini Press

Scratch-resistant Duo Plate

Making sandwiches can be messy if you love experimenting with different types of bread, different blends of cheeses, and other toppings. It can be a hassle to cook and flip over the pan especially when the cheese and sauce are all gooey and melty. The Breville Duo Non-Stick Panini Press has a Quantanium plate that is scratch resistant aside from being non-stick. Unlike other panini presses that have top and bottom ridged plates, the Breville panini press has a flat bottom for faster cooking and a ridged top for a beautiful finish. It also has 4 height settings and non-slip feet.

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3. Oster Titanium-infused 2-in-1 Panini Press

2-in-1 Panini Press

If you love sandwiches then you should have a dedicated panini press to make sandwich making a breeze. With a panini press at home, you can level up your sandwiches to a hot crunchy meal that is filling and satisfying. But if you are having doubts on buying a panini press just for sandwiches, you should buy a 2 in 1 machine that could use for different types of things. Double your panini press as an indoor countertop grill with the Oster Titanium-infused 2-in-1 Panini press. Its DuraCeramic plates resist peeling and clean easily by just wiping. This includes a griddle cleaning spatula, 2 pcs plastic drip cups and features and adjustable feet.

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as of December 16, 2020 1:32 pm

4. Chef Buddy Panini Press

Great for Larger Families

A panini press is great for crispy hot sandwiches that are as good as a restaurant style paninis. But this panini press doubles as an indoor grill so you maximize its use in the kitchen. Decrease your fat intake by the grease channeling system of the Chef Buddy Panini Press and Indoor Grill. It has a large cooking surface that allows more food to be grilled in one batch. Cook your favorite steak and grilled pork chops without the grease. Sear and caramelize the surface of your meat without adding oil. Cut your cooking and cleaning time in half with this awesome machine.

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5. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler

Heavy-duty 5-in-1 Press

Cooking in the pan can get boring sometimes so you need to spice things up in the kitchen. Having a new machine that you can experiment with is a great way to enjoy cooking at home and experiment with different recipes and ingredients. The Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler with dark dials can be used as a panini press, full grill, half grill, full griddle and half griddle. Now you can buy one machine that has five different cooking methods. It has a sturdy brushed stainless-steel body, handles and a pleasing click dial control. The plates are also removable and dishwasher safe.

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