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George Foreman Grills – Our Favorites Revealed

Rainy day BBQ's made possible with this year's top 5 George Foreman grills

Grilling is undeniably a favorite meal preparation activity for kids, family, and friends. Not only that, but grilled food is also easily the best kind of food anyone could have. Who doesn’t love burgers and barbecues? With that in mind, it is a must for every household to have a griller at home, whether for meat, sandwiches or even veggies.

When looking for a grill, our favorite brand is George Foreman Grills, a top brand name among grill makers. To help you decide on what kind of grill suits you, your family’s lifestyle and food preparation preferences, here are some of the best products under the brand:

1. The George Foreman Grill


Grilling should not always be a dirty, hot job, that is only reserved for the outdoors. The George Foreman Grill, with its 240-square-inch grilling surface, allows you to cook for large groups of up to 15 servings. You can now have your guests inside while you cook in the kitchen. With its adjustable temperature control, you can cook in different heat settings depending on the kind of food you wish to cook. Use it for steak, barbeque, and char vegetables. A bonus feature of this product is its fat-removing slope that helps remove a portion of the unhealthy fat from your dish.


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2. George Foreman Panini Press and Grill

Treat your family and friends with their favorite homemade grilled sandwich or paninis with the George Foreman Panini Press and Grill. Snacks are made easier and fancier with your own panini press and grill that can serve you restaurant-quality sandwiches. This Italian sandwich maker can grill four sandwiches at once, making it a great piece of equipment for small family parties. You will love it for serving grilled cheese sandwiches, meat and cheese panini, and more. Aside from sandwiches, you can also grill tomatoes, bell pepper, and other veggies that you can cook as a soup for your grilled cheese sandwich dip.

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3. George Foreman Rapid Grill

Having a barbeque party? Do not spend your time stuck on the grill for everybody’s dinner. Prop up this convenient grill that will help you spend more time with your guests than in the kitchen. This 60-square-inch indoor grill has a fast grilling feature that makes your food preparation less time consuming and ensures that your food is thoroughly cooked. The 30% faster preheating system of this George Foreman Rapid Grill makes it the brand’s fastest grill yet! What is even better news is that it is dishwasher-friendly, so you will definitely have more time to enjoy your food with your family and friends.

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4. George Foreman Grilling Machine

There is no reason not to grill even if you do not have much space at home or outdoors. For families that have tight countertop kitchen spaces, the George Foreman Grilling Machine is your perfect match. This convenient and space-saving grill will be your next favorite thing in the kitchen. It not only makes two servings at once but is durable and easy to clean, too. It is perfect for couples or if you are just living alone. It makes a fast and convenient meal without having to prep a big grill. It is also designed with a built-in fat-removing slope, making your dishes healthier.

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5. George Foreman 5-Serving Grill

Having a bulky outdoor grill is not always the best for everyone. Sometimes, it is a rarely used equipment that ends up being rusty because of rare use. If you will want the benefits of grilling with no bulky commitment then a multipurpose grill is a perfect alternative for you. This multi-plate griller lets you grill, bake and cook using one appliance. The George Foreman 5-Serving  Grill System is designed for maximal food preparation so you can cook various types of dishes for your family and friends. It also comes with an adjustable hinge that allows you to cook different cuts of meat and veggies inside.

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Check out some super fun ideas for your kids for the grill to keep them entertained!

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