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Our Favorite Canned Tomatoes 2021 – Sweet, Delicious and Juicy

Pasta? Chili? The possibilities are endless!

Canned tomatoes are definitely one of the must-haves pantry staples, for one simple reason – versatility. They can be readily added to many delicious meals and sauces such as pizza, pasta, chicken or fish stew. Just like the freshly picked ones, canned tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron and the antioxidant, lycopene — a substance that helps lower the risk of many illnesses such as prostate cancer, macular degeneration and heart disease.

If you don’t have the time to prepare a homemade tomato sauce, then these canned tomatoes come in handy. Save your time blanching and peeling. Just open the can and voila — they’re ready for cooking! There are a variety of canned tomato brands on the market and we’ve listed the best ones for you. In fact, they are so good you could easily substitute fresh tomatoes for canned ones that we’ve prepared for you.

Check out our best canned tomatoes in 2021!

1. Cento San Marzano Canned Tomatoes

Does your family love pasta or pizza? Canned tomatoes are a staple in any home kitchen and pantry because it has plenty of uses and they are absolutely delicious. Add Cento San Marzano Organic Peeled Tomatoes to any recipe for a more flavorful taste! This famous brand is widely recognized by food aficionados globally as it contains freshly picked ripened tomatoes that are packed immediately to keep their distinct Italian flavor. Bring Italy to your home with Italian home recipes and techniques. Make your own delicious, mouthwatering sauce, tomato soup, stew and even your own homemade ketchup. You will be surprised how many recipes you can make with these.

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2. Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes

There are various delicious recipes that can include canned tomatoes. The obvious recipes are homemade pizzas and pasta sauce because making your own sauce truly makes a difference. Why not try cooking a chicken stew with Sclafani Whole Peeled Tomatoes — a delicious meal everyone will surely enjoy! This brand contains tomato juice, salt and fresh vine-ripened tomatoes that are uniformed in color and size. Every tomato is handpicked for the best quality and firmness. Level up your tomato dishes with these tomatoes in the can. Also, they already come in peeled so you do not have to fish out for tomato skins.

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3. Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes

Planning to cook tomato soup for dinner? It is best prepared with Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes. The ingredients are pure certified organic tomatoes, without any synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The can doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients as the contents have no artificial colors or flavors – it’s just full of delicious juicy organic tomatoes! The tomatoes come in already diced so you can easily mush them or use your hand blender to puree it to a smooth tomato soup. Add basil, oregano and a mix of your favorite cheese to have a full-bodied soup that warms not just your tummy, but also your heart.

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4. DeLallo San Marzano Canned Tomatoes

Italians make the best pasta in the world. If you want to make a pasta sauce that is as flavorful as theirs, you should use DeLallo San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes. The secret to Italian pasta is not just the technique but the ingredients. Everything they cook, pizza, pasta, and other recipes are lovingly handmade and the ingredients are of the finest quality. Now you can have it in your own kitchen. These sweet and tangy tomatoes are grown in the Sarnese-Nocerino valley in Italy — giving an authentic Italian taste to every meal. Impress your family with an Italian dinner.

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5. Organico Bello Organic Canned Tomatoes

Are you health conscious? You should pay attention to the ingredients you put in your every meal. What goes into your dishes is what makes your meals healthy and nutritious. If you are planning to make a change in your diet and cooking, then, these Organico Bello Organic Southern Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes are what you should use for cooking. Feel confident and safe when consuming this product as it is USDA Certified, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO Project Verified. These organic canned tomatoes are made with no added water or sugar; they also have no synthetic color or flavor. You are getting the best in every meal.

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How long do canned tomatoes last?

Canned tomatoes will keep best for up to 18 months, however if cans have been kept properly and are showing no sign of damage, they should be ok indefinitely.

How long do canned tomatoes last once opened?

Once opened, keep tomatoes in a covered glass or plastic container and they will keep in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

How do you make tomato puree from canned tomatoes?

Blend canned tomatoes until smooth, put in a saucepan and boil on a medium heat until reduced by around two thirds.

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