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Compact Microwaves for Small Kitchens – Small But Perfectly Formed

Full of power, small on space

When you have a small kitchen space, every unit counts. Since there are only a few appliances you could fit in, you need to maximize the space and use of each one. If you are thinking which appliance would be worth your money and space – a compact microwave is a perfect choice. It’s versatile, practical and great for quick meals and beginners. There are plenty of compact microwaves for a small kitchen on the market to choose from with different specifications and features.

We’ve gathered the best brands with different features to choose from.

1. Black + Decker Microwave

There is a worry among moms when it comes to their kids accidentally playing with appliances. This is especially true when it comes with microwave ovens because your kids may accidentally put things inside and turn the power on. Fortunately, Black + Decker microwave has a child safety lock that will prevent your kids from playing with the microwave or opening it accidentally. Now you can get a microwave oven that you always wanted. Aside from being safe for your kids, it has pre-programmed settings for dinner plates, drinks, popcorn, pizza and frozen goods. All good things in one appliance.

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2. Toshiba Compact Microwave

There are months when you do not want to look at your electric bill because you know you have been using your air conditioner for too long or you have been spending more time on the television set. If you worry about your electricity bill blowing up because of your new microwave do not worry, because the Toshiba Compact Microwave is a power-saving machine with eco-mode. It has digital control and screen for easy monitoring. If you wish to keep the machine quiet, there is also a mute function to keep the beeps silent. It is full of features and yet it is easy to use.

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3. Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave

If you are looking for something more traditional, consider the Commercial Chef Countertop Microwave. It has the traditional rotary dial to set the timer and temperature but with the benefits of new microwaving power. It has a sturdy design and an easy-grip handle that feels nice to open and close. Heat snacks and drinks with this classic microwave that is easy to use and easier to clean. If you worry about spilling and staining the inside of your microwave, this oven will let you clean with ease. It has a glass turntable that is removable and can be put in the dishwasher.

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4. Farberware Compact Microwave

Having a compact microwave does not mean you cannot do more. A space-saving microwave should still be as functional as your usual bulky oven and not compromise its heating capacity. The Farberware compact microwave has a 1.1 cubic feet capacity. It also has 10 power settings so you can set it depending on what you are heating. The Farberware has a sleek body and a digital monitor and buttons. You can defrost items either by weight or by time so you can defrost effectively. It also has an instant heat setting for fast heating of snacks and drinks. Popcorn and hot pockets are now easier to snack on.

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5. Comfee Countertop Microwave

If you are looking for an all-around microwave, the Comfee Countertop microwave features plenty of functions that you will appreciate having in your kitchen. It has an effective heating power with necessary functions such as a mute Function, a clock with a kitchen timer, and a child safety lock. You can now use your microwave anytime and in any situation. Want some hot soup in the middle of the night? Now your microwave oven will not wake everyone up. You can also enjoy a variety of microwave functions such as auto-cook of the usual food you can microwave for easy and quick meals.

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How do you microwave corn on the cob?

Put on a microwavable plate with a spoon of water and cover. cook for 4-5 minutes until the kernels are tender. Drain and serve with butter and salt.

How do you microwave bacon?

Place the bacon on a few pieces of kitchen paper, top with a few more pieces of tissue and microwave on high for up to 6 minutes until cookde how you like it.

Can you poach an egg in the microwave?

Yes! Crack an egg into a microwavable mug or bowl and cover with cold water. Prick the yolk and cover the bowl with a plate. Microwave on high for 1 minute and check. If it needs a little longer microwave for 10 seconds more until the yolk is cooked to perfection.

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