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Vacuum Sealers to Help Keep Food Fresh for Longer

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Commercial-grade kitchen gadgets, such as commercial deep fryers or commercial food dehydrators are always a good idea. If you love buying in bulk, sorting and storing your food for easy portioning and cooking, a commercial vacuum sealer would be a very valuable tool for your kitchen. Having a vacuum sealer means fresher food and longer storing capacity. It ensures that your meat and veggies will keep their freshness for a longer time compared to when it is not vacuum sealed. It is also great for portioning snacks or bringing meals to work or school. Vacuum sealers keep crunchy snacks from moisture and keep them from going stale.

For commercial purposes, vacuum sealers are valuable for packaging as well as cooking sous vide dishes. Check out the best commercial vacuum sealers in 2021!

1. VacMaster Vacuum Seal

Having a vacuum sealer at home can help you save money, food and space. It is an all-around machine that will keep your snacks fresh even after you open it for a week. It will also help you portion your meat before freezing, for easing thawing when you want to cook some. Another great thing with this is you can also seal in your veggies after cleaning to keep them fresh in the freezer. VacMaster Vacuum sealer gives you an option in different customizable vacuum methods and seals types. This is great for different types of foods that need differing packaging. It features a double seal that ensures your food is properly sealed and secured from any spillage.

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2. Entrige Automatic Food Sealer

If you are just getting started in the food vacuuming scene, you might want to get NutriChef Commercial Grade Vacuum sealer. It comes ready with a vacuum hose, vacuum seal bags, and also a maintenance kit that includes vacuum chamber gaskets for replacement, a seal wire, and Teflon seal tape. It is the best vacuum set that comes with everything you need to start sealing your food items for freshness. It also features a pulse function that seals gently for delicate food items. The best part is you can also use this sealer to vacuum seal food items in other containers like jars and canisters.


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3. NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

Soups and leftovers should not go to the trash. It is a waste of food and resources that can be reinvented into new dishes. Never let anything go to waste by vacuum sealing items that you can cook or reheat the next day. This plug and seal NutriChef vacuum sealer is easy and simple to use. It has two sealing modes, one for dry goods and one for wet or moist items. There is no need to worry about spills and bulky containers. This ensures an easy way to seal different foods effectively. It has digital buttons and sleek metal design.

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4. Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealing all that goes into your fridge and freezer can save you more space and let you stock and save more food! The Weston Pro Vacuum Sealer features a large area where you can seal different sizes of sealing bags without a problem. Seal a variety of goods from fish, marinated meats to delicate snacks. It is a great machine that will help you seal any product to keep it fresh and ready for use at any time. It is also safe for heavy use as it has a cooling motor to prevent overheating with continuous use. Seal away for savings and freshness!

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5. PolyScience Vacuum Sealer

This powerful yet compact device has a heavy-duty built that can withstand heavy use. It is perfect for continuous commercial use because it is a maintenance-free machine, meaning you could do more without having to worry about replacement parts. It is great for your monthly grocery run when you stock up on products at home. Another feature of the PolyScience Vacuum sealer is it excels in sealing wet foods to prevent leakage. There is no need for bulky, disposable containers that are hard to fit inside the fridge or freezer. Just bag it up, seal, and put in the freezer.


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How does a vacuum sealer work?

A vacuum sealer removes any air from the packaging and seals the food inside, protecting the food and maintaining the quality of your ingredients.

How long does food last in a vacuum sealed bag?

Although food will only normally last a few days in the refrigerator, vacuum sealing can make your food stay fresh for 1-2 weeks.

What foods can you not vacuum seal?

Onions, mushrooms, garlic and soft cheese should not be vacuum sealed due to the absence of oxygen causing an increase in anaerobic bacteria found in these foods.


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