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Awesome Cookie Presses for the Home Baker

These cookie presses crumb first in our top 5!

Everybody loves cookies. If you’re a home baker you will enjoy baking things like bread and cookies. If you want something to switch up your usual chocolate chip cookie, you might enjoy using different cookie press to yield different types of cookies.

It can be an enjoyable and easy activity to do with your kids and friends. There are cookie presses that can be used with frostings and other food items.

So without further ado, we present to you our top 5 cookie presses in 2021!

1. Oxo Good Grips Cookie Press

OGreat cookies come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to get that perfect restaurant shaped cookies, then you need a cookie press. Oxo Good Grips Cookie Press is one of the most organized and easy to use cookie press we have seen. It has a non-slip grip that is stable and comfortable to use, so your buttery dough will not slip through your hands. It has a clear body so you can see the dough. What we love about this is that it comes with different metal plate designs and an organizer container. This cookie press is easy to disassemble and clean.

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2. Wilton Cookie Press

Making and baking cookies is all about the fun process and the cute details you put on each cookie. This Wilton cookie press is the most fun and easy to use cookie press. It has a click or press type handle that is easy to press for the dough to come out. It is great to use when teaching kids how to bake for the first time. You can let your little kids help you out in designing cookies. It comes in 12 different beautiful spritz style cookie designs. Its soft-grip trigger will enable you to make plenty of cookies quickly.

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3. Marcato Atlas Biscuit Press

It can be hard to extrude firm dough with a flimsy and slippy cookie press. Your dough may come out from the top and make a big mess, or the shapes will not come out as you want it to. The Marcato Atlas Biscuit Press is designed for ergonomic easy use. It is best with firm dough that is otherwise hard to manage with its firm metal knob. Just put in your cookie dough and expect beautiful shapes that will hold their structure. It looks sleek and classy. It is a sturdy cookie press for any type of dough so you can make different types of cookies with breeze.

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as of December 17, 2020 1:24 pm

4. Fante’s Easy Cookie Press

Having plenty of cookie cutters at home can clutter your kitchen drawers. Sometimes this excessive collection are left unused because of the rare occasion that you will need unique cuts and shapes. Good thing the Fante’s easy cookie press features five traditional shapes for different shapes and types of cookies that will always be used for any holiday. Its crank-style makes it easy to use for extruding dough. It has a large capacity so you do not need to keep refilling the dough. Although it is also easy to refill by unscrewing the top cover. It is the most convenient set to keep for cookie making.

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5. Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press

Your arthritis should not define the things you can and cannot do. With the Edge Cook Spritz Cookie Press, you do not have to give up your love of baking cookies. It has an arthritis-friendly design with its easy to use ergonomic crank and handle. Now you do not need to skip baking sessions with your kids or grandkids! Enjoy 20 metal plate designs for cookies and an additional 8 pipping tips you can use for icing. It is the perfect set to experiment with yummy cookies. It is made of sturdy stainless steel that will not fall apart on you.

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What is a cookie press?

A cookie press is a kitchen gadget that forms cookie dough into uniform shapes, creating professional looking cookies every time!

What is a spritz cookie?

Spritz cookies are like sugar cookies and are shaped using a cookie press.

How do you use a cookie press?

Simply place your prepared dough into the cookit press, choose your patterned disk and press the dough onto a prepared baking sheet. Decorate and bake before wowing your friends with your professional looking cookies!

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