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Our Best Oil Misters – Eat Healthier with a Misting of Oil

Healthier cooking, one click away!

Health is wealth nowadays. People are getting smarter and putting more conscious effort into eating healthier. Experts recommend counting calories and avoiding processed food to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The best way to do this is to cook your own meals! A handy tool in keeping cholesterol at bay would be an oil mister. Oil misters spray a light misting of oil on food for flavor or to evenly coat a pan for cooking. This will prevent your meals from having too much oil, which is bad for anyone! There is more than one way to use an oil mister, so before you use it, you should learn how to use it best.

We looked at numerous oil misters and chose our top models.

1. Woohubs Oil Mister

This versatile Woohubs Oil Mister can house vinegar, lemon juice or wine. You can get a whole set for all your condiments needs. The design is perfect for both cooking and prepping for dinner time. It has a button that is easy to press, and the body is non-slip for better handling. You will also appreciate that the cap twists off for easy refills, so you can fill it up as soon as it is running low of its contents. The easy twist off cap also guarantees easy cleaning. Its aluminum body makes it easy to clean and wipe dry after! Just what you need for the grilling season!

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2. Gheart Oil Mister

Take your oil mister everywhere for that quick pick-up of flavor. Have your condiments ready for any meal or any recipe with oil mister. The Gheart Oil Mister’s container is shaped with a comfortable grip to prevent spilling, and it is made out of lightweight, food-safe, and transparent material. The transparent design is perfect so you can easily see if you are running out of condiments for quick refilling. It also looks great in the condiments rack or by the table. The Gheart Oil Mister is a handy tool that keeps the oil on your food and not in your sink.

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3. Chefvantage Oil Mister

Add spice to your oils for additional flavor. The Chefvantage’s Oil Mister is the perfect addition to your kitchen tools and your dinner table necessities. It is a beautiful oil and condiment mister that is easy and simple to use. Don’t worry about clogging and having a hard time pouring or misting your oil and condiments because Chefvantage’s Oil Mister is equipped with a clog-free filter for a worry-free misting experience. The oil chamber is made from scratch-resistant glass that will stay flawless from kitchen to the dining table. The glass is also anti-bacterial so your condiments are safe, and the container is easy to clean.

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Can you put olive oil in a spray bottle?

Yes, olive oil works really well in a spray bottle and will give the delicious flavor of the oil with far fewer calories.

Can you make your own oil spray?

Simply mix 1 part water to 2 parts oil in your bottle, and thoroughly shake before use.

Can you spray oil directly onto your food?

Yes! Using a good quality oil, such as extra virgin olive oil in a spray bottle means that you can add the flavor to your salads and veggies, without added a lot of extra calories and fat.

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