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Chamber Vacuum Sealers – the Best Way to Preserve Food

Never waste again with these top 5 chamber vacuum sealers

If you want to cut down on your monthly meal expenses, you should learn how to properly store and preserve your food. There are many ways to do it and one is by using various types of vacuum sealers, such as general all-purpose vacuum sealers, vacuum sealers for sous vide, commercial vacuum sealers, and finally chamber vacuum sealers. Vacuum sealing is an effective method of preserving food. It is useful if you like buying food in bulk, especially those highly perishable ones.

Vacuum sealing can help protect your food from freezer burn that can ruin its taste and quality. It also protects food from bacteria, fungus, and mold. If you love marinating, then a vacuum sealer is a must-have. Planning to buy a chamber vacuum sealer you can use at home? Check out this list of our highly suggested brands.

1. VacMater VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Want to organize your fridge and freezer content? It can be hard to organize when you have bulky containers and plenty to seal and store. This VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer can help you. It’s a heavy-duty sealer that can help store your food five times longer. It can help you seal and store your food in a much more compact manner without compromising the food’s quality. It’s best for preserving liquid-rich food such as marinades, soups and fresh meats, so you do not have to worry about bulky containers for liquid food. Not to mention, it works quieter than any brands too.

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2. Vesta Precision Vertical Chamber

Wasted food is wasted money. But it can be a hassle and tiresome to keep left overs or portion out large batches of food into different food containers to organize and keep in your refrigerator. To avoid it from happening, it’s best to have this Vesta Precision Vertical Chamber Vacuum Sealer at home. Your fresh produce can be packed and sealed by cooking portions or you can portion freshly cooked food into batches. This will help keep your food fresh 3x to 5x longer. This vacuum sealer is best for sous vide cooking too — giving a restaurant-quality dinner without leaving home.

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3. PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Want to reduce your food waste? To prevent wasting food it is best to prepare food in batches from fresh produce to cooking, and to leftovers. Use this PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer — a machine that can help store not only dry food but liquid too, including stews and soups. Now, you don’t have to throw away excess food. By using sealers, you can now extend your food’s shelf life without noticing any difference in taste. Use it for your pre-chopped veggies and stash them in the freezer in batches, or vacuum seal your favorite beef stew in different bags for the whole week.

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4. Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine

If you are a frugal buyer, then you should be doing bulk buying. There’s no doubt that it is far more cost-effective. But organizing your grocery haul can be a daunting task. You will need to wash and prep each produce and ensure that they will not just rot in the fridge or by the counter. To help maintain your food’s quality over time, you should have this Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine at home. You can pack, seal and stash anything in the freezer to maintain its freshness. With its adjustable seal time function, you are confident that your food is properly sealed and stored.

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as of December 16, 2020 1:46 pm

5. Nesco Vs-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System

Wondering what to do with your left-overs? With this Nesco Vs-02 Food Vacuum Sealing System with Bag Starter Kit, you can now keep it all fresh for a longer period of time. There is no need to bring out a bulky container when you are only going to fill it half full. Best use a vacuum pack and seal away. This machine has an auto shut off feature that makes it easier to use. It comes with a bag cutter and roll storage compartment too. There is no reason to throw away left overs because now it is convenient to keep them fresh. Awesome, isn’t it?

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How does a vacuum sealer work?

Vacuum sealers work by removing all the air from the pouch, and sealing it ensuring that the pouch stays airtight.

How long does food last in a vacuum sealed bag?

Food sealed in a vacuum pack can last up to 1 to 2 weeks, this is longer than the few days that it would last in the fridge normally.

What is a sous vide?

Soud vide literally means under vacuum in French and is the process where food is vacuum sealed in a bag and then cooked in a water bath at a controlled temperature.

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