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How to Dispose of Cooking Oil

If you spend so much time in the kitchen then you know how it feels when your kitchen countertop is filled with used cooking oil. You just feel bad to throw it all away especially if you got a big batch used to fry your whole chicken but you do not know how long you could keep it and keep reusing, let alone how to keep it fresh for the next use.

First, make sure you can reuse cooking oil. Check the color of the oil if it is too dark. More than a golden brown color then it is already burnt.  Also, check if you can strain the food debris by the last dish you fried in that oil. If the debris stinks such as from fried fish then you might need to throw out the oil as well as it will carry the smell and taste to your next frying session.

Next is to make sure you have enough containers and shelf space to store the used oil. After straining the debris from the oil you need containers that will safely store your oil until needed. Otherwise, you will need to throw it away. Now how do you dispose of this used oil?

Throwing in the trash

The best way to dispose of your used oil is by throwing it in the trash but mind you that there is a right and wrong way to do it. First of all, let your oil cool down and even solidify if possible. This is to prevent hot oil from burning a hole in your garbage and making a large greasy mess for you to clean up. Choose a container that is leak-proof and that you could easily throw away. Make sure you wipe all of the utensils to make sure there is no grease remaining that could clog your sink.


Find a Local Collector

Used cooking oil is collected in some cities for recycling. If you have a collection facility near you it would be best to have your used oil picked up or delivered to your recycling facility. This will help your waste be turned into useful alternative energy instead of being dumped in the landfill.

What NOT to do with your used cooking oil

Sometimes people forget that oil can clog the sink no matter how much or how little it is. Grease can accumulate in your drain over time and make your pipes congested and later on clogged.

Not Down the Drain

While it is very much convenient at the moment you want to instantly get rid of your hot used cooking oil, pouring it down the drain will reap more damage later on. It does not just clog your drainage system but it will affect the drainage system of your area as well.

Not Outside

Throwing your used oil outside may harm plants, animals, and dirty the street. It can cause accidents or a swarm of pests that are attracted to the nasty grease. Aside from that it could also flow back to the drainage system and clog your street’s drainage system.

Not in the Compost Pile

Your compost pile is not the right place to dispose of your oil as it can attract insects and pests that will ruin your plant.