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How to Prepare Do-It-Yourself Healthy Drinks

Check out these super cool healthy alternatives to soda!

When everyone thought healthy drinks are just a trend, they thought wrong. Healthy drinks are here to stay and that is for a good reason. Healthy drinks are refreshing and they taste great.

For something healthy, they are incredibly convenient to buy and drink nowadays. But if you are actually in it for the health benefits, you should maximize them by preparing your own healthy drinks at home and bringing them with you anywhere you go. Here are some healthy drink ideas and how to prepare them at home.

01. Green tea

Let’s spill the tea – green tea or matcha has seen a cult following because of its great earthy taste and even greater health benefits! While many shops are offering green tea, they could always slip in sugars and additives that might be more harmful than healthy for you. You can prepare your own green tea at home by steeping dried green tea leaves that you can buy from your local grocery or herbal store.

02. Shake/smoothie

If you have a blender there are plenty of fruits that you can blend to make a shake or a smoothie. Bananas are great for making a drink smooth and creamy. Coconut water is a great addition to any drink for that refreshing summer punch. Avocados are great for a rich smoothie and you can also add protein powders or whey powders if you are on that diet.

03. Juice

If you happen to have a juicer at home it is a great way to make homemade juices. Also if you do not like veggies it is a good idea to mask it in one of your juices. Pair bananas and carrots or cucumber and cranberry juice or lemon and kiwi. A juicer is a powerful tool that can turn healthy ingredients into yummy juices.

04. Chocolate drinks

While you might think chocolate is not a healthy drink, it is not necessarily bad for you. In fact, chocolate is rich with antioxidants that are good for your body. It also tastes great! The only thing bad about chocolate is when you add sugar and artificial sweeteners that make it unhealthy. If you want to indulge in a chocolate drink, consider making it from tablea rather than from a ready-mix pack. You can dissolve cocoa tablea in hot water and add muscovado sugar if you really have to and partner it with milk like almond milk that is rich in calcium.

If you’re adventurous, you take your healthy drinks to the next level today by combining different juices and fruits to come up with that perfect drink you’re craving for! Here are some recipes for you to try out: