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Top Tips for Making that Perfect Cup of Coffee

Words Cannot Espresso How Good These Tips Are!

Having a sip of coffee in the morning can give you a great start to the day. For some, a dose of their preferred brew is best to have in the afternoons. Either way, a cup of coffee can ease your mood and give you that extra energy to complete a day’s work.

No matter how great the coffee tastes at your local café, relying on your favorite barista to make your daily drink can be impractical and costly. If you are a coffee lover, knowing the simple rules of making a great cup of coffee can save you some cash and some walking to and from your main coffee place.

Here are some tips for making that perfect cup of coffee:

Tip 1: Buy good coffee beans

By good we mean fresh and sustainably farmed whole beans. It is great when you have your own grinder at home because coffee is best made with beans that are newly ground. If you do not have one, we recommend that you get them from your nearest roaster only when you need them. We highly suggest getting Kona Coffee which is made from beans grown in an excellent climate in the Kona district of Hawaii.

Tip 2: Store your coffee properly

Light and oxygen take away flavors from your coffee, so make sure that you store your beans in an airtight coffee storage container and away from sunlight. If you are to buy packaged coffee from supermarkets, make sure to get one in vacuum-sealed packages.

Tip 3: Use the best water for your coffee

Water can make or break a great cup of coffee. Some beans are better brewed in soft water, while others are hard. When making coffee, it pays to be aware of the mineral content in the water you are going to use. Aside from this, you should also know the right amount of coffee and water to mix for best results.

Tip 4: Study the techniques

Making the perfect cup of coffee requires flavorful beans, great roasting, precise grinding and mixing, and proper technique. Understanding various coffee brewing methods will give you more insight as to what suits your taste and preference best.

Tip 5: Use quality equipment

We already stressed the importance of getting the best beans and the relevance of having your own grinder, but without an excellent coffee maker, it would still be impossible to make great coffee. It would be nice to have a good coffee percolator at home as the coffee tastes much better when brewed with it rather than in an electronic coffee maker. Coffee percolators brew coffee through a repeated boiling cycle inside the pot, making full use of the beans’ flavor and aroma.

Tip 6: Keep your equipment clean

Rinse your equipment thoroughly every after use and make sure there are no residues in them before storing. We suggested that you invest in good tools, so we also highly advise that you always keep them in great condition. If you only use your equipment once in a while, clean them every few weeks to make sure there are no dust, oil, and other particle build-ups residing in them.

Seeing baristas make your cup of coffee is a joy to watch, what more fun would it be if you know how to make it yourself? Don’t worry about not coming up with the same coffee quality right away as it takes patience and experience to create the perfect blend and brew for yourself!

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